Although I have not been lucky enough to travel to Europe as many people my age have, I have been lucky to travel to a few places around the United States. I would love to travel a bit more. I always enjoy travelling whether it is only for the weekend or a week. The longest time I have ever been away from California is when I went to Texas in 2006. I visited my family with my grandpa and we stayed there for 3 weeks.

Places I’ve Travelled

  1. Texas August 2006
  2. Portland Oregon 2012
  3. Washington DC 2013
  4. Minnesota December 2014
  5. Orlando Florida April 2017
  6. San Francisco July 2017
  7. Las Vegas November 2017



Places I want to Travel in 2018

  1. Orlando Florida (Princess Run at Disney World)
  2. Nashville (Rock n Roll Run)
  3. New York
  4. Portland, Oregon


United States

Mall of America √
Disney World
Wizarding World of Harry Potter √
New York City
DC √
Portland √
Carnegie Hall



1. Germany
2. Italy
3. Spain
Santiago Bernabeau
4. France
5. England


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