My First Half Marathon as a Mom

I am two months away from running my first half marathon as a mom. I have been training the last few weeks, though not consistently. To make it more challenging, not only will I be running 13.1 miles, I will be running 13.1 miles while pushing my baby in her stroller.

I have done one 5k while pushing her in the stroller. It wasn’t challenging. The one thing I didn’t like was being stuck in the back with all the walkers. So far I have gone for a 5 mile run with Selena. The last mile was the hardest. Since I will be running with Selena, I don’t have a time goal in mind. I just want to finish.

It has been much harder for me to get a run in now that I have a baby. My choices are to either run with the baby or run very early in the morning. Since I am not running as often, my runs are usually very slow. I am happy that I am back to running though. This is one thing I missed. I think I went about four months without running, which is the longest break I’ve had since I took up running back in 2016.

Last year I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon at 6 months pregnant. This year I will be running it while pushing a 9 month old baby in her stroller. I am looking forward to that challenge.


July Goals Recap

Last month I only set a few goals, but didn’t reach most of them. I did get very close though. Here’s how I did on my goals last month.

1. No Spend July – I had 21 no spend days which is good, but disappointing because my goal was to have 31 no spend days.

2. Run 30 miles- I did not reach this goal either, I only ran 18 miles, but I did much better than June, when I only ran 3 miles

3. Add $50 to emergency fund- I did this one!

4. Make $700 with my side hustle- accomplished this one, made a little over $700 with Instacart last month

5. Launch Athena Rose website – didn’t do this one, but I am getting this website ready to launch it this month

6. Post 10 posts on my blog – only posted 2 posts

7. Post 2 videos on youtube – posted only 1

6 Months Update

My princess baby girl Selena Taylor is officially 6 months old! She turned 6 months last week and I can hardly believe. I feel like I just gave birth to her! She is currently 26 inches and 18 pounds!I have a chunky healthy baby. Everyone always makes comments about her chunky thighs

Last week, we took her to get her ears pierced. She cried for maybe 3-5 minutes but after that, she was fine. I was worried that she would grab her ears all the time and get her ears infected, but that hasn’t happened.

We also took her to get her pictures taken and I loved how they came out. I am definitely being biased, but she looked beautiful. Though I admit her hair did look funny in a few pictures.

My update: At 40 weeks pregnant, I weigh 138 pounds. At 6 months postpartum, I weigh 110 pounds. Not where I want to be, but I am working on getting to a healthy weight.

Selena is sleeping more, which means I am getting more sleep also. I love being her mom, but motherhood is sometimes very hard!I always put her needs ahead of mine, but sometimes this means I don’t always eat right, work out, or have any “me” time.

July Goals

Didn’t do such a great job with my goals last month. Here’s to a better month in July!

  1. No Spend July- I don’t plan to spend any money on non essentials this month with the exception of when I go to Las Vegas with my family for the day
  2. Run 30 miles
  3. Add $50 to my Emergency Fund
  4. Make $700 with side hustle
  5. Launch Athena Rose website