A little over two months ago, I took my 5 year old sister to Disneyland. It was her first time going to Disneyland and we went to celebrate her 5th birthday. I had promised her last year that we would go and she was so anxious for the day to come!

She was so excited to go. She kept telling all her teachers and friends at school that she was going. I took the day off from work and my mom took care of my baby so that  my sister and I could spend the day together at Disneyland.

We were able to get on a few rides. The first ride we got on was It’s a Small World. My sister didn’t like that ride because she thought it was boring. Her favorite ride ended up being Thunder Mountain . We got on that ride twice and she wanted to keep getting on it but the line was long. We also got on the Roger Rabbit ride and Haunted mansion.

I took my sisters to meet a few princesses. She was happy! She got to meet Snow White, Ariel, and Elena of Avalon. We didn’t have to wait too long for this. She took pictures with all of them and was very happy when we left.

There were a few food items that we splurged on. For sure my favorite was the hot cheetos and nacho cheese funnel cake! We also got dole whip, which was pineapple and raspberry swirled together, frozen strawberry horchata, and my sister got a chocolate covered pineapple.


Here are some of the pictures we took.


Disneyland can be pricey, starting with the tickets. But here are a few things we did save money at Disneyland:

  1. Eat breakfast at home. I didn’t see any point in eating at Disneyland when we had food at home.
  2. Take snacks. We took hummus and pita chips, strawberries, carrots, jello, and yogurt.
  3. Say no to souvenirs. I offered to buy my sister one but she didn’t want any. Which is good, because pictures are enough for us to remember the fun time we had at Disneyland.
  4. Eat dinner outside of the park. I took my sister to Mcdonalds and spent less than $10 on food for both of us.
  5. I didn’t do this, but my mom took sandwiches with her. You can’t take them inside Disneyland, but my mom just left them in a cooler in her car with ice and when it was time for lunch, they left Disneyland to eat.

Minion 5k Run

When I first heard that Universal Studios Hollywood was going to have a 5k, I was excited! This was going to be their first 5k. The theme for their first 5k was Minions.


We  got to run through Universal Studios including the Simpsons area, Harry Potter world, and best of all, the backlot where they film movies and do the studio tour. Parts of this course were a little bit tough because we had to run uphill. I used to run in Montebello which has a lot of hills, but now where I run, it’s very flat. It was fun getting to run by where they filmed movies like Jaws, as well as movies like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.


My only complaint is that we had to be there very early! In order to get free parking you had to be there by 530am, otherwise you would pay $20. I got there around 430am since I had to pick up my race shirt and bib.


I had fun running the 5k at Universal Studios. The next run at Universal Studios Hollywood will be on November 16, 2019. The theme will be Jurassic World. I have not signed up yet, but I will sign up soon!

Side Hustles

Last weekend I decided to start doing Instacart and Postmates on the side of my regular job. I currently have a part time job, so any extra income definitely helps. Having done both of these, I think I prefer Instacart a little bit more. Here are some of the pros and cons of each one.



First of all, not everyone knows what Instacart is, so let me explain. It’s a service where people can order groceries online from stores like Costco, Ralph’s, Food 4 Less, Sprouts etc and have it delivered either to their homes or businesses. As a shopper, I am the person who grocery shops and delivers to the people. I am one of the few people who actually enjoys grocery shopping, which is why I prefer this. With most orders, you can get at least $10, sometimes up to $30 depending on the size of the order and how far you drive. With Instacart, you choose the hours you want to work. Normally you can choose them a week ahead.



This one is a little more familiar to people. It’s just like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Grubhub. Basically all you do is deliver what people order from fast food places to people. I’ve only done this two or three days. Not a big fan because you don’t earn much from this. So far I’ve earned $3-$8 an order. Not worth it for me. I guess if you do this during the lunch rush or dinner rush and you do it for a few hours a day, it would be worth it.

Boysenberry Festival 2019

In April, Knott’s Berry Farm had their annual Boysenberry festival. I have the season pass for Knott’s and I love boysenberries, so of course I had to go. This was their 5th year and I have gone every year. Most years I only go once, but this year I decided to go twice. They had some new food items this year. Most of the food I tried was good. However, there were a couple disappointments.

Here is how I rate the food items at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival




Boysenberry Icee Float A++

This is my favorite drink. It’s basically an boysenberry flavored icee inside of a boyseberry flavored soft serve, so good. I first tried it last year and couldn’t wait to get it this year. got it during both visits to the festival.


Boysemberry Cheesecake on a Stick B

Had this last year, it’s pretty good. Very sweet though.


Boysenberry Waffles B-

This was good, but not something I would eat more than once

Boysenberry tortilla chips with boysenberry ice cream B

This was good, also very sweet


Boysenberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich B+

I love grilled cheese sandwiches and this one was really good!


Boysenberry chicken wings A-

One of my favorites from the Boysenberry Festival

Pot roast w mashed potatoes C+

The pot roast was really good!! However, I did not like the mashed potatoes at all!!! Which is what brought the grade down. I did not enjoy eating mashed potatoes with little boysenberries inside of it.

Chicken Skewers A

This was for sure my favorite food to eat at the Boysenberry Festival! On my first visit I got this twice! They ran out when I was in line during my second visit.

(I forgot to get a picture of the hummus, oops!)

Boysenberry hummus B-

This was okay, nothing too special about it.


Baked boysenberry mac and cheese A-

I did not expect to like it, but I really enjoyed this one. I loved the baked mac and cheese and the habanero sauce wasn’t too spicy.


Boysenberry dole whip float B-

So disappointing. I wish that it had more ice cream than what it came with.


Boysenberry steak w cream cheese topping A-

This was my second favorite food at the Boysenberry Festival. So good!


Boysenberry pulled pork tostada C+

Not a big fan of pork, which is why this has a low grade, but it did taste good.


Boysenberry elote

I love eating elote and this was good. My sister enjoyed it so much that she got 3 of them!

Overall, I enjoyed the food and can’t wait for the Boyseberry Festival in 2020!

May Goals Recap

  1. Run 20 miles √ I ran exactly 20 miles in May
  2. Read 10 books × only read 3 books
  3. 20 No Spend Days √ had 21 no spend days! 
  4. Fast food only once in the whole month √ didn’t eat fast food at all
  5. Meatless Mondays × I forgot about this one 
  6. Go to the gym three times a week × i was lazy in May and only time I went to the gym was when I went to work
  7. Work on my garden – I worked o it a bit
  8. Publish at least 10 posts on my blog × only published one post smh